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16:59 - 11/07/2014

theeyekitI know how to apply a foundation to make my skin look (almost) flawless, I know how to emphasise my cheekbones with a little help from a blush and I know which mascaras work for me and which don’t, but when it comes to eye shadow and liners I feel lost. I’ve watched countless tutorials and every time I’m on a shoot I pay extra attention to what the make-up artist is doing when it comes to my eyes. And yet I still don’t master a smoky eye. Please tell me I’m not the only one struggling with eye shadows and liners?

However, I’m not giving up, so last week I added a couple of Tromborg products to my beauty bag – and so far I’m super happy with the result. The creamy colours in Eye Grease, which btw are perfect for a sunkissed skin, blend easily into each other and I love the natural looking result. Before I apply the colour I dap a little powder on my eyelids for a longer-lasting result and then use the brushes for better control.

As much as I love Eye Grease, my ultimate favorite eyeshadow product is the Natural Active Eye Power in the color Light Brown. It is as good as foolproof and I just started using it on a daily basis on the eyelids and below the lower lashes. It’s barely-there but the kind of product that makes a huge difference to your makeup.

Eyegrease // Eye Medium Brush // Lip&Eye Brush // Natural Active Eye Power

13:37 - 06/07/2014

rudolph careMy skin is super sensitive when it comes to sun creams and not only does it easily break out, it also gets greasy, which is just never a good thing when you have a fringe.

Earlier this year Rudolph Care launched its new sun collection and since I usually love everything coming from the organic skin care label I was really excited to try the products – and especially the face creams available in spf 15, 30 and 50. Usually I would use spf 30 for everyday and spf 50 when on vacation but since I’m pregnant and therefore more prone to pigmentation spots I decided to stick to the spf 50. Does it do the trick? Yes, and I can honestly say that these are the best sun products I’ve ever tried. The Sun Face Cream Spf 50 doesn’t get my skin to break out and it doesn’t make it greasy. Plus it works perfectly over a moisturizer or under a foundation.

Also in my bag I always carry the Sun Stick Spf 50 (not pictured here), which I apply throughout the day on my forehead and above the lips to avoid pigmentation spots.

The Sun Body Oil Spf 30 is another favorite of mine. Not only does it make sure that I don’t get burned when enjoying the sun, it also really makes the skin glow and never greasy, which is quite important when you’re at the beach or wearing your favorite dress.

Read about two of my other Rudolph Care favorites for the body over at (I promise you’ll love them even if you’re not pregnant)

18:15 - 28/03/2014


Hands down the best body scrub I’ve ever tried.

You’ll find it here.


12:18 - 17/03/2014


I got my first Le Labo fragrance back in 2011 and I’ve been addicted ever since. My favourites are Rose 31 and Santal 33 (the number stands for the amount of ingredients in each perfume) so when I got to pick one of the perfume oils last week in Harrods I sticked to what has become my signature fragrance and went for the Rose 31. The thing about these perfume oils is that they’re perfect for summertime where an eau de parfum can be a little harsh on the skin because of the alcohol in it – and you can actually also use it in your hair. Perfect for warmer days where you want your scent to be more subtle or to freshen up your fragrance during the day. Or to dab on your neck before going to bed…

Visit Le Labo in Harrods the next time you’re in London – or shop it here.


18:24 - 24/02/2014




Fashion week is a lot of fun but it’s also hard work and late nights so when I headed to Copenhagen in the beginning of February for 3 days of fashion I took some time off in-between shows and meetings – and spoiled myself with a treatment at Complete Me. Usually I always go for the deep cleansing facials but the late nights, all the running from show to show and  too many hours in front of the laptop started to show on my skin so this time I decided to go for a lifting and brightening facial with immediate effect.

After 45 minutes of deep tissue face massage (ouch), fruit acid and beautifying Skin Regimen products from Comfort Zone my skin was reborn. It was like a face lift without the botox. The moment of truth came halfway into the treatment when I was given a mirror to compare the side of my face that had just gone through the rather painful deep tissue massage with the other side that still had it to come.  The difference was clear. My skin was visible lifted and suddenly the pain was the last thing on my mind.

I ended up indulging myself and my skin with a few of the Comfort Zone products used in the facial. The Duo Cleanser, which works as both a cleanser and a toner, the Juvenate-Pro Booster, which protects and smoothens the skin, the Hydra-Pro Cream Gel, which is perfect for dealing with the first signs of aging and finally the Night Renewer, which is not a night cream but a rinse-off peeling gel-mask that works renewing miracles on the skin.

You know where to find me the next time I’m in Copenhagen….

 Complete Regimen Treatment//Complete Me

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