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19:43 - 20/12/2013



This is what makes my lips survive the colder months without getting dry and chapped. I use the Lip Balm during the day and the Lip Cure before I got to bed in the night. The Lip Balm is a favorite amongst makeup-artists and the last three I’ve been working with all used it. I take that as a good sign. Remember to apply it with a cotton swap to avoid bacteria from spreading.

And speaking of Tromborg. Make sure to enter the giveaway! Two days left…


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Pil Whitta Andersen- 2013/12/20 at 21:22
Pil Whitta Andersen
Mafalda- 2013/12/21 at 10:25
This product looks wonderful! Mafalda ❤
MARJOLEIN- 2013/12/21 at 17:45
The lip balm looks kinda delicious, it makes me thing of mangos! ;) x
Ida Yndal Mikkelsen- 2013/12/21 at 23:05
That product looks amazing! I'm defiantly trying it some day! Check out my blog, and give it a follow, thanks:
Lust Covet Desire- 2013/12/23 at 00:31
Love this brand!
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