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10:03 - 03/12/2013



Since my beloved leather leggings are falling apart I’m looking for some new ones – and so far I’ve got my eyes on these three. Leather leggings can be quite an investment but I’ll rather pay extra and get some that I know will last for more than just a few seasons.

1.By Malene Birger, 2.Joseph, 3.Helmut Lang


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Mira- 2013/12/03 at 10:38
I like them all but umber 3 is my favorite. xx Mira
carol- 2013/12/03 at 10:51
number 3 ♥
Q- 2013/12/03 at 10:58
hands down Joseph are the best!!!... they are comfortable and have a lovely feel to them. I bought mine 2 years again and although no cheap it was a great investment.
STEPHANIE / FASHIONBYSTERUP- 2013/12/03 at 11:45
Nummer 3 er lige mig!
monica- 2013/12/03 at 12:03
number 2 or 3. the leather pants look great on tall and slim girls. the rest, we can always choose leather skirts, which are also wonderful and make the same impact. i recently bought a leather skirt...lamm leather at a very good price from German Wear. i paid only 59 euro, because it is not a famouse name while an imitation skirt frrom a more famous name costs between 60-110 i made a good deal.
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Tiffany- 2013/12/03 at 16:20
I like the pair by Helmut Lang. All of mine hit me about an inch above the ankle. I would really like to find some that will go past my ankle.
Mafalda- 2013/12/03 at 18:08
I love the Josephs! Mafalda ❤
Anna- 2013/12/03 at 19:08
Love number 1!
SHEWOLF- 2013/12/03 at 19:30
great choices SHEWOLF
Camilla - Scent of Fashion- 2013/12/03 at 21:12
Er helt vild med dem fra Malene Birger!
Fashion Musings Diary- 2013/12/03 at 22:08
My favourite ones are the tightest: the Helmut Lang ones. Probably not the cheapest I guess...
    blameitonfashion- 2013/12/04 at 14:31
    Haha no you're right. They're the most expensive but an investment for years I guess :)
Liz- 2013/12/04 at 01:48
Especially if the ones you have are coming apart! lol. Love these picks. xo, Liz
Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie- 2013/12/04 at 05:25
I'll take one of each PLEASE! <3
    blameitonfashion- 2013/12/04 at 14:31
    Gosh YES!
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