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22:50 - 30/11/2013



When it comes to splashing out on expensive designerbags I’m really indecisive. I know two things: I want a bag that’s so classic that I’ll wear it forever and I want a bag that makes me feel we’re exclusive. At least a little. And that’s the tricky part cause my heart belongs to Céline, Balenciaga, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.

Right now I’ve got my eyes fixed on this Céline Edge. Oh-so-simple with just the right amount of details and in a colour-combination that makes my heart race. And not as popular as the very same French powerhouse´s Luggage bag.

Could it be the one? I’ll let you know when it hits stores in the beginning of 2014.

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Designer Inspired Bags- 2013/12/01 at 02:46
Gorgeous bag, love the look.
Fashion Snag- 2013/12/01 at 04:36
I love it!
Anna- 2013/12/01 at 09:23
Such a beautiful baag
Marina- 2013/12/01 at 15:40
Please answer my survey on luxury bags and perfumes! Its takes 5 mins at the most!
carol- 2013/12/01 at 17:25
beautiful bag
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