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02:27 - 16/11/2011


Prepare for long queues as the VERSACE for H&M collection will finally hit the stores tomorrow (Saturday for the US and Canada). The collection is colorful, bright, playful and totally Versace.

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of asking Donatella Versace and H&M creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch a few questions about the collection, the collaboration and which piece that makes Donatella Versace’s heart race.

BlameItOnFashion: “Versace is one of the most iconic fashion houses and I’m sure we’re all curious to know what was on your mind when designing the collection?”

Donatella Versace:  “As soon as H&M asked me to collaborate, I knew that I wanted to do an iconic collection, like a greatest hits CD of Versace. I have been thinking for a while that there is a whole new generation who do not really know Versace. They know our name, they know the red-carpet dresses worn by incredible women such as Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez, but they do not really know what Versace stands for. I wanted to open the doors, and give this new generation the chance to wear some iconic pieces from Versace themselves.”

BIOF: “The collection is loaded with beautiful prints, leather, gold and studs. Why are these so important to Versace?”

DV: “These are all part of the DNA of Versace. Each says something about the characteristics of the brand, whether it be the extravagance and decoration of the print, the toughness of the leather and studs, or the glamour of gold. Versace is a brand that has such a strong signature that makes our clothes immediately recognisable. No matter what the piece may be, you know it is by Versace.”

BIOF: “Dressing the Versace way is an art. Do you have any styling tips for dressing in the collection?”

DV: “I cannot wait to see how young people around the world take these Versace for H&M pieces and make them their own! The Versace woman is a strong woman who is not afraid to express herself through what she chooses to wear. This collection for H&M gives a whole new generation the opportunity to be bold and to have fun with fashion. Designing the collection has been so much fun, and now it is so exciting to see how people will wear the clothes. I can’t wait to see the pictures people post about how they are wearing Versace their own way.”

BIOF: “What kind of  girl do you want to see in the collection? And what kind of feeling do you want her to have when putting on a Versace piece?”

DV: “Really I hope that every kind of woman finds something for them in this collection. There will be those who have always wanted to wear a glamorous Versace gown, but could never normally afford it. Finally, they have the chance to realise their dreams. Then there are women who love to play with pattern and print, who will have so much fun mixing and matching all of the various print pieces. Then there are women who never before considered wearing Versace, who would look amazing in the leather jacket, and would find that it brings a whole new spirit to their wardrobe. Whoever wears the collection, I hope that whenever they wear these clothes, they always feel special.”

BIOF: “Which piece makes your heart race? And which piece to you expect to be snapped up by the fashionistas?”

DV: “They all make my heart race! Everything that carries the Versace name has to be the best, and I am in love with every single piece in the collection. I am particularly fond of the studded leather dress, which I wore to take a bow at my most recent menswear collection. It was the first time that anyone had worn a piece by Versace for H&M, and it was so exciting to hear how much everyone loved it too. I can’t wait to wear more! And I hope that on the day the collection hits the stores, everyone manages to get the piece they’ve been dreaming about before they are gone!”


Earlier today I stopped by H&M’s showroom here in Los Angeles to get a closer look at the collection – and to take a few pictures of my favorite pieces. I’m really into the Hawaiian print (which seems to be everywhere for the cruise12 collections – Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Marc by Marc Jacobs among others) and I’ll definitely try to get my hands on the printed shirt with palms (from the menswear collection and long enough to use as a dress) and the printed crocodile/palm tee (also menswear). As for the dresses my favorites are the black minidress with cut-outs and the orange dress, which I would dress down with a loose knit. Do you have your eyes on some of the pieces?

1499 DKR//199 USD

999 DKR//149 USD

799 DKR//129 USD

999 DKR//149 USD

499 DKR//69 USD

249 DKR//35 USD 

1999 DKR//299USD

999 DKR//149 USD

499 DKR//69 USD

349 DKR//49 USD

799 DKR//129 USD

499 DKR//69 USD

399 DKR//59 USD (menswear)

799 DKR//129 USD (menswear)

179 DKR//25 USD (menswear)

And finally – 3 questions to H&M’s Creative Advisor, Margareta van den Bosch

BlameItOnFashion: “Can you tell us a little about the process? ”

Margareta van den Bosch: “We started up the process about 6 months ago. We instantly agreed to collaborate and both teams were really enthusiastic. We always start with a brief for the designer, and then they are free to work through the creative process. They presented us with the collection (that we loved!) and then the H&M team started sourcing materials. We did fittings together and H&M are responsible for the production. PR and marketing is also a joint process. It has been a joy to work with Donatella who is a very sweet person, passionate and extremely professional.” 

BIOF: “Do you have an insider story from the collaboration to share with us?”

MVDB:  “I can’t think of anything in particular. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised at to how sweet Donatella is. She has such a soft and warm personality, and it’s so inspiring to work with a designer who is so passionate about fashion!”

BIOF: You probably won’t tell us a name, but do you know by now, who’s in line for the next H&M x designer collaboration?

MVDB:  “Yes, I know, but I won’t tell. Sorry!”


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Matina- 2011/11/16 at 03:47
OMG how amazing Marie! i want that leather dress and the colourful cropped jacket! xoxo Matina
    marie- 2011/11/17 at 11:45
    I hope you got what you wanted! I hear it was madness in the stores!
Lisa- 2011/11/16 at 03:49
Nice work! Would love to own one of the sequin dresses, very Versace :) Hope you get your hands on what you planned!
    marie- 2011/11/17 at 11:45
    Thanks! and same to you :)
thefashionguitar- 2011/11/16 at 09:16
I need to get my hands on the leather jacket with exaggareted shoulders XO Charlotte
    marie- 2011/11/17 at 11:46
    Oh yeah - that is amazing as well! I just think I have enough jackets at the moment. Hope you got it!
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